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Zebra is a theme that was developed for the Moodle administrator with a non-technical background in mind. The result is a simple to customize, yet robust theme. Based off of the popular Aardvark theme Moodlebar is incorporated by default, a simple unordered list provides a customizable dropdown menu, and 5 customizable colors allow the whole theme to be transformed simply from a single source.


  • Easily customized color means that your site is branded in a matter of minutes
  • A custom CSS dropdown menu allows quick access to the content your users want
  • Integrated Moodlebar lets your users navigate Moodle with ease
  • Zebra leverages advanced styling techniques via CSS3 for users with modern browsers
  • Zebra follows the coding principles of progressive enhancement, so users with older browsers aren’t left behind
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 means that Zebra works seamlessly with Moodle
  • Vendor prefixes make sure that Zebra displays properly for any user


This theme is available for download from the Moodle themes database or github.

Download (alternate download)

Documentation & Support

Support for this theme is provided at the Moodle.org forums.

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