Update: California Progress

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Work has cooled a little bit on on my California theme for WordPress, partly due to other projects (Moodle themes, Mahara themes, and a NEW WordPress theme), partly due to the fact that it’s pretty much working the way I want and I don’t have much incentive to continue to update it… Anyways here’s a brief overview of the major features that I have implemented:

  • WordPress 3.3 API compliant
  • Featured image support
  • 2 Custom menus
  • Widget area
  • Search w/ highlighted search terms
  • jfontsize

If that doesn’t seem like enough, then fork it on github and change away! My next goal is to add a little i18n.

Though I do have another completely new HTML5 theme called Insight that I’ve been working on and I hope to release soon. Just waiting to find a solution to a strange problem and it should be ready to roll in time for 3.3 to be released!

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