The Simplex Project: Introduction

Danny Wahl's picture Danny Wahl  •   •  Moodle

It’s no secret that Moodle is geared toward college and university use, or at least to higher-level learning, but there’s still a huge contingent of primary school users out there. Unfortunately the attitude generally is “take it or leave it” when it comes to usability for small children and themes exemplify this more than anything.

We’ve decided to change that. Introducing Simplex, a Moodle project designed specifically for primary student and touch-device users. We don’t mean just a large logo in comic-sans or bright pink background with the normal Moodle interface resting on top. We mean a bottom-to-top redesign of the user interface and experience.

Currently we’re hoping for a beta release around May and a stable release around July. If you’re interested in helping out head to the project page to see how you can help. If you just want to follow the development progress you can bookmark the Simplex tag here.

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