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Scrollster for instagram is the best way to showcase instagram photos in a beautiful, full-screen, responsive scrolling gallery. Scrollster for instagram is a standalone webapp you can run it from your desktop or from a server.

Scrollster for instagram is very customizable: You choose what images to display, how many, how large, comments, likes, you name it! And customization is a snap.

Download Scrollster for Instagram


Navigate to the assets/js folder open the scrollster.js file and enter your clientID on line 1.


Simply open / in your browser and Scrollster will display the most popular images on instagram. Click on the hashtag to enter full-screen mode.


There are two ways to customize the output of Scrollster, the first is with the URL query string and the second is by editing scrollster.js

Query String

There are a number of options that you can use to customize the display of Scrollster using the query string.


Most of the variables that control the output of Scrollster are in the urlParams{} object. Simply change the default values that you want. If you don't want users to be able to modify the output with the query string then at the top of scrollster.js set enableQuery = false; and only the settings from the js file will be used.


?tag=spring&author&sort=random: Display 60 large images all tagged "spring" with the username displayed, slowly scrolling up and down.

?size=small&sort=most-liked&speed=0&refresh=5&likes&link: Display a small grid that doesn't scroll of the most popular images on instagram that refreshes every 5 minutes, sorted by likes and you can click to see the original on instagram.

?tag=tbt&author&likes&comments&caption: See who's throwing back and what they have to say about it.


Scrollster is built using a combination of open source and proprietary code. The individual licenses for each open source component can be found in the LICENSE folder.


Scrollster for instagram is copyright 2015 Danny Wahl, all rights reserved except where specified in the LICENSE file.



Download Scrollster for Instagram