New Look, New Learning

Danny Wahl's picture Danny Wahl  •   •  DevOps

I decided to update (and upgrade) this site and I wanted a few things specifically: a minimalist look, HTML 5, and CSS 3. Turns out there’s only a few HTML 5 themes that are what I would consider any good, which probably has less to do with the general status of HTML 5 development and more to do with WP 3.2.1 being built with HTML 4 rendering by default.

Anyways, I found a theme I liked, california by, unfortunately I found out very quickly that it’s not WP 3.2 compatible (or possibly earlier) so I’ve decided to use this theme as my springboard to learning the WP theme engine and HTML 5.

So what you’re looking at now is the master branch of California_4_WordPress_3 hosted at my github. I have a few small goals for this theme:

  1. “valid” HTML 5 & CSS 3
  2. WP 3 theme api compliant (including widget areas and custommenu)
  3. abstracted functionality via wp-admin page

I think these should be easily achievable, since #1 is basically done already. I hope to release this in the WP themes repository when done.

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