I'm Now a Moodle Contributor!

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I’ve reported a lot of bugs (some bogus, some good) for Moodle and participated in several more over the last few years, but up until now that’s been the limit of my efforts.

Well that’s all changed now! Introducing MDL-23504: “Transparency and RGB support to colour picker” and MDL-36991: “Conditional activity restrictions should be displayed as a list”.

The first was an older reported bug that I discovered when integrating the colourpicker setting into Zebra. Not only did I add transparent support but a few others like: currentColor, inherit, rgb(), rgba(), hsl(), and hsla(). The second was an enhancement request that I filed and with guidance from Moodle HQ was able to successfully implement.

So what did I learn? A lot about Moodle APIs and functions to start, but I also learned a lot about the development cycle, the need for coding style, and gained a new found appreciation for the real Moodle devs.

I’d also like to specifically thank the following people (in no particular order) for their help in closing these bugs: Mauno Korpelainen, Mary Evans, Dan Poltawski, Rossiani Wijaya, Michael de Raadt, Nicolas Connault, Sam Marshall, David Mudrák, Mark Nelson, Rajesh Taneja, Sam Hemelryk. How’s that for community?!

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