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Ghost is a blogging platform. Lenore is a theme designed to showcase writing and as such most of its features are about what it doesn't do.


A demo site of this theme is available at



Browser Compatiblity

✓Firefox  ✓Safari  ✓Chrome  ✓IE9
✓iOS Safari 7  ✓Opera  ✓Android  ✓Vivaldi


Lenore supports several different content configurations, below are links to some examples. Note that none of these examples require theme customization, they just work.


Author archive: ✓image, ✓cover
Author archive: ✗image, ✗cover

Author post: ✓with bio
Author post: ✗bio


Page: ✓image
Page: ✗image

Tag Archive

Tag archive: ✓image, ✓description
Tag archive: ✗image, ✓description
Tag archive: ✓image, ✗description
Tag archive: ✗image, ✗description


Post: ✓image
Post: ✗image
Post: ✓tags
Post: ✗tags


Lenore is easy to customize and everything you want to customize is commented in the file you need to edit.


The CSS has a table of contents and comments labeled inline. Want to change the link color? Find it in the table of contents and search for it. It's this easy:

a {  
    color: #4b87aa; /*<==11*/
    text-decoration: none;
    transition: all 0.25s;
    color: #068bd8; /*<==12*/

Or how about the max-width of post content?

    article {
        max-width: 34rem; /*<==06*/

Social Sharing

There are also a number of social sharing links in post.hbs. By default only 5 are enabled. To enable or disable different networks, simply uncomment them by removing the handlebars around the <li> elements:

    <li><a class="reddit" href="{{@blog.url}}{{url}}">reddit</a></li>


    <li><a class="reddit" href="{{@blog.url}}{{url}}">reddit</a></li>

All social networks have a helper class for ease of styling. In total there are 19 sharing options provided.

Download & Support

Lenore is available for download on github and support is provided via github issues.

Download Lenore: A Theme for Writing