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You love Zurb’s Foundation. You love Moodle. How could you choose? Now you don’t have to. Introducing Moodle Foundation. Bottom-to-top Zurb goodness. Top-to-bottom Moodle functionality. Boo-ya.


  • Uses Moodle’s built-in jQuery
  • Custom renderers make Foundation native
  • Minimized collisions and CSS rules
  • It’s Foundation, what more do you want?
  • Custom CSS settings
  • Foundation uses progressive enhancement, so users with older browsers aren’t left behind
  • Built on the H5BP “Mobile first” design principles
  • HTML5 goodness all over the place
  • The best rtl support out there

Moodle Foundation Front Page

Moodle Foundation Mobile Front Page

Moodle Foundation Menu


This theme is available for download from github.


Documentation & Support

Support for this theme is provided at the forums.

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