Enable Accessibility Zoom on iOS 8

Danny Wahl's picture Danny Wahl  •   •  Education

When OS X 10.10 was released one of the coolest new features was the ability to use your iOS device as an input 'camera' in QuickTime capture. This feature was a great addition for teachers at Tianjin International School - which had just rolled out its 1:1 iPad program in grades 3-6. Recording the screen of the iPad allowed the teacher to make demonstrative tutorials for their students.

I was asked to create an example of a screen-captured video, so I figured that I would kill two birds with one stone as another teacher had asked about how to record only a certain part of a screen or to show only a part of a screen. Instead of telling him how, I decided to create a video demonstrating how to enable, and use Zoom under iOS Accessibility settings.

This video was completely unscripted, and actually what you just saw was the 4th or 5th take as I did things like accidentally show my lastpass password or already have zoom enabled in the other takes.

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