Elegance 2.7 release

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It’s taken a little bit longer than we had hoped but we’re happy to announce that the official 2.7 version of Elegance has been released! It’s currently available in the Moodle plugins directory.

As with all of our releases we have also opened a new support thread at the moodle.org forums. Since this is our first release since taking over development of this plugin we were primarily on a “how does this work?” expedition. As such there’s not a lot of new functionality, but there are quite a few bugs that have been fixed.

The two biggest changes in this release are

  1. official Moodle 2.7 compatibility
  2. dependence on moodle-theme_bootstrap

This is not to be confused with “bootstrapbase” which is included in Moodle 2.7. But, in the effort of easing confusion – if you’re using the Moodle auto-updater (which you should be) you’ll automatically be prompted to install this parent theme first. This also allowed us to lighten the code base- a lot!

199 changed files with 982 additions and 36,422 deletions

Finally we’d like to thank all the contributors and bug reporters that helped make this release possible.

Well what are you waiting for? Go get it!

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