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Chances are if you want a 3 column layout you’re going to choose one of Matthew James Taylor’s Multi-Column Liquid Layouts. And for good reason: they’re semantic, cross-browser compatible, and easy to use. And now they’re responsive.


-Antioch uses a custom-built page layout with a responsive design

  • Media queries serve a 1, 2, or 3 column layout at user definable widths
  • A 2-1-3 layout order means your important content is always first
  • Built on the H5BP “Mobile first” design principles
  • HTML5 doctype and elements bring this classic layout into the present
  • Compatible with Respond.js to provide additional support for older browsers

Three Column Layout

Two Column Layout

One Column Layout


This layout is available for download from github.


Documentation & Support

Support for this layout is provided at the github issue tracker.

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